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Are you complying with the new mobile phone laws?

Mobile Phone Laws
In Dec 2003, a new legislation came into effect to ban the use of handheld mobile phones or similar devices when driving. The fine is currently a fixed penalty notice of £30 and up to £1000 if the case goes to court. Home office figures show, that in 2004, 74,000 fixed penalty notices were issued. From 27th Feb 2007 the UK Road Safety Act 2006 will introduce a tougher penalty. Drivers now face a £60 fine and three points on their license if they are caught using their hand-held phone behind the wheel.


The Government has estimated that approximately 100,000 fixed penalty notices could be issued each year and about 5,000 prosecutions in courts as a result of the new legislation. Points can mean substantially higher insurance costs and drivers also run the risk of losing their driving license. You don't have to be caught many times to be disqualified. If you receive just six points in the first two years after passing your test, you will lose your license under the new Drivers Act. The penalties for driving carelessly or dangerously when using a handheld phone can include disqualification, a large fine and the maximum of two years imprisonment.


How does the law apply?
You will be breaking the law if you pick up or use any type of hand-held phone that is or must be held to operate it. This means you may not use your hand held mobile phone:

When you are driving a vehicle

When you are stopped at traffic lights

When you are queuing in traffic

To receive calls, pictures, text messages or to access the internet.

If you are an employer, you can be prosecuted if you require employees to make or receive calls when driving.


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* UK Road Safety Act 2006


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